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PREPRODUCTION: Manufacturing has been delayed while resolving a few issues. Initial production quantities will be limited. DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE THROUGH QUEB.IO

What This Product Does - The Queb is a communication server which includes: a social media application, cyber defense, secure communications, single point access to all of your messaging and proxy web service support for home or business. It works with standard browsers and email programs, and provides secure and most often direct peer to peer communications between Queb devices and secure sites.

The "Fifth" social media application provides all of the features of Facebook without the surveillance, providing complete privacy and control over what information is shared and with whom.

Features and Benefits -

  • New, Secure Social Media Platform Called Fifthâ„¢
  • Completely Private
  • SCIF -Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility
  • No Back Door
  • Highest encryption possible
  • Blocks Hacking and Tracking
  • Minimizes Ads
  • More Secure Than Software Solutions
  • Uses Contact nicknames, reducing spam spoofing
  • Secure communications often without 3rd party servers
  • True Domain Name service
  • Security by black(bad), gray(unknown), and white(friend) listing
  • Full mail management including encrypted store and forward, with spam and abuse flagging
  • Web Proxy and page capturing, filtering phishing sites, advertising and keyword blocking
  • Global Cyber Defense support, blocking and flagging sites (risk score) notification
  • Total control over content sharing, posts, collaboration
  • Multiple concurrent secure connections to your contacts


  • 5"x5"x5" dimension
  • about 1 lb weight
  • 36W 12vdc power adapter (1A 100-250vac max)


Package Contains
  • WhereIsFido Real-time peered Domain name and Queb locator for Dynamic IP addresses*
  • CidrPress Cyber Security lookup and security profile including country of origin, primary language, default languages, and prior-history risk assessment score *
  • Fifth Social Media App with unified messaging communications and private media distribution
  • DAVID Object Oriented AI Operating System
  • VoirDire Monetized censor-proof publishing
  • SohoStar Lifetime subscription for key escrow, IP locating and cyber risk data

* uses peered data

  • The Red Pill  TRP-QUEB-001.A
  • Quick Start Installation Guide
  • Support CD-ROM containing configuration files and manual
  • 120vac Wall Plug Power Supply
  • Cat5E Network Cable

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NOTE: this device needs an Internet connection with a modem that provides a DMZ. If you are not sure, please read your modem manual. Installations without a DMZ compatible modem can still be accomplished but with much reduced abilities.

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